Commercial Cleaning Services in London, Ontario

Our Commercial Office Cleaning Company Has:

  • An outstanding reputation, and is an industry leader
  • Experience with all types of commercial office cleaning; educational, government, commercial
  • Screened and highly qualified staff
  • Caring, Friendly staff that are able to find quick solutions to any issues that arise
  • Hospital grade products, which are environmentally friendly
  • Completed confidence that we can provide the commercial office cleaning services that your business is in need of

If you’re looking for an office cleaning company in London & South Western Ontario with a reputation for excellence, you have found the right team of office cleaners. Our products are environmentally friendly, our team is secure, and has passed some of the strictest background checks to enable us to work in military facilities. What makes us different than any other office cleaning company in London & South Western Ontario however, is that we are flexible, personable, and friendly. We like to create open communication between our clients and our staff so that we may work through any issues together if they happen to arise. Read our testimonials page for more proof of our reputation as one of the best office cleaning companies in London & South Western Ontario.

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Janitorial Services in London, Ontario

Industrial workplaces are unique in many ways such as the materials that may cause messes, high use of machinery and robots, high use of fans and ductwork, and the importance of light efficiency. That’s why you need to hire an expert in Industrial Cleaning. If you’re one of the many industrial companies in London & South Western Ontario looking to outsource your cleaning, A Plus Building Maintenance can put your worries to rest.

Our team has the experience, equipment and products necessary for unique and tough jobs that other cleaning companies in London & South Western Ontario may not be prepared for. One of our specialties is industrial cleaning in London & South Western Ontario. Industrial Cleaning Services:

  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Pressure Washing
  • Duct Work and Ventilation system cleaning
  • Degreasing
  • Exhaust Fan Cleaning
  • Restaurant Cleaning
  • Light Fixture Cleaning
  • Ceilings, Vents, and Walls
  • All in addition to our commercial cleaning services

Find out why our customers choose A Plus Building Maintenance instead of other industrial cleaning companies in London & South Western Ontario by reading our testimonials! Contact A Plus Building Maintenance today for more information about our industrial cleaning program and services.

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Good commercial cleaning companies will make your office look clean. Great commercial cleaning companies in London & South Western Ontario, like A Plus Building Maintenance, will ensure your office not only looks clean, but feels clean, smells clean, and is thoroughly cleaned. Our employees are trained to work safely and efficiently in public areas, and are all intensively interviewed before being hired. Many of our employees have been with us for over 10 years, and carry proven track records with them to all the offices they clean.

Breathe Easy with Green Cleaning for Your Business

Green cleaning is a powerful way to keep your commercial space sparkling while prioritizing the health of your employees, customers, and the environment. Here’s what it means:

  • Safer for Everyone: We use non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products free of harsh chemicals like chlorine, ammonia, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). This reduces the risk of respiratory irritation, skin allergies, and other health concerns often linked to traditional cleaners.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Green cleaning methods minimize harmful fumes and airborne particles, creating a healthier and more pleasant work environment for everyone. This can be especially beneficial for those with allergies or sensitivities.

  • Environmentally Responsible: Green cleaning products are formulated to be gentle on the environment. They often use plant-derived ingredients and come in recyclable packaging, minimizing your company’s ecological footprint.

  • Effective Cleaning Power: Don’t sacrifice cleanliness for green! Green cleaning products are just as effective as traditional solutions at removing dirt, grime, and bacteria. Combined with high-quality microfiber cloths, they trap dust and allergens for a thorough clean.

We understand that transitioning to a new cleaning approach requires careful consideration. We can help you develop a customized green cleaning program that meets your specific needs and budget.

Emergency Cleaning Services

Accidents happen. But when disaster strikes your commercial space, you need a fast, reliable solution to get things back to normal. That’s where our 24/7 emergency cleaning services come in.

We understand that time is of the essence. Our crews are on-call and ready to respond immediately to a wide range of emergencies, including:

  • Floods and Water Damage
  • Fire and Smoke Damage
  • Biohazard Cleanup
  • Vandalism and Trauma Scenes
  • Sewage Backups
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Rapid Response Times
  • Experienced and Certified Technicians
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